Looking back at the past...

Some say it's not good to look at the past...and I agree. But hey, I do it a lot! Unfortunately, I have a great memory. And this time, I really had to go back at Nebula and see what it looks like now. Look at this!

Some of you already know the story, but in case you don't know what I am talking about, you can read more here and here.
The fugly building on the bordering land made Banana move out, because she thought it wasn't nice to build a wall or a mountain range to hide it from sight. And that is just what the landlord is doing now! AHAH I can't stop laughing.

The mountain is quite big for a such a little strip of land. Couldn't they just tell the nice dark lady to move out as well?
Ah, life. First or Second, it's a hard one. ;)


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