The voice of Nutella.

I thought I could spend some words on the Artists Voice "strike" going on these days.
I agree with the idea, I mean it's for a good reason. Content theft is a problem that must be solved in ANY way by Linden Labs. But I doubt this 2-days strike can be effective afterall. It would be effective if we really could stop all money transactions, so causing a little damage to LL and let them know how much the community cares to avoid creations being copied and resold for nothing. Unfortunately this won't ever happen, as it is quite impossible to spread such a message to the majority of SLers and convince them to listen to the call. Plus, the protest was meant to be extended to the blogosphere, as shop, no blogging. I wonder what effect can this have on the overall result, being the blogosphere just a small part of the entire SL community and definitely not the leading one- I am implying that most SLers don't and won't ever know what this Artist voice thing is!

Anyway, I haven't shopped these days. LOL

Fortunately, I have been busy building and it stopped me from blogging. (Means, I wouldn't have blogged anyway)

But now I have to upload textures, and this requires money transactions. How do I do?
Can I wait a little more and then upload all the textures I need? After all, I am just delaying my money transaction, that will happen anyway. What do I do?

I know what I can do. It's in this picture:

God bless Nutella. I am jumping from the keyboard into the jar head-first. It's worth it, believe me!!
/me passes the spoon to the artist


4 commenti:

Amie Adamski said...

OMG Nutella!!! I went to Europe 8 years ago and me and friends lived on that stuff-a bit hard to find in the states and it didn't seem to taste the same.

Banana's Hubby said...

I have been to the US many times and I found it everywhere in the state of and it was the original italian one. MMMMMM

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Nutella is from Italy?! *checks the bottle* ...Mine is made in Australia! It doesn't say anything about Italy on the label!!! *feels cheated somehow*

I loooooooove Nutella :D

Banana's Hubby said...

yes, the brand is Ferrero. made in the city of Alba, Piedmont, Italy.
the recipe is a secret but i guess the australian one must be made the same least i hope so ;)